Linux Web hosting

What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux hosting is the hosting service provided on a Linux platform. Linux hosting servers uses the operating systems like Linux or Unix. There are many flavours of Linux operating system that are used in Linux web servers.

The features of Linux web hosting

1. Linux hosting is more secure.
2. Provides above 200 MB disk space.
3. Linux Hosting provides Perl, PHP, MySQL and Apache.
4. Ideal for users who are looking for affordable hosting.
5. FTP access.
6. Frontpage extentions.
7. Multiple email accounts.
8. User friendly Control Panel ( CPanel ).
9 Shell access ( ssh access ).

Choosing Linux hosting also depends according to your needs. If you are using Perl, PHP or MySQl , it will be ideal for you to select Linux Web hosting.

Linux servers are more Stable, high performace, scalable, compatable and cheap than windows web hosting. It will be ideal for small business and private websites to select Linux web hosting.

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